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Avatar the Last Airbender Overview

The story of The last airbender by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko is about a young man named Aang who carried with him the legacy of the avatar. The one who keeps the world at peace as he can control all 4 elements. These elements being water, earth, fire and air. The story begins with Aang running from his responsibilities and gets stuck in ice. Only to get saved by two soon friends and to find his air tribe to be massacred by the fire nation. His goal in this entire story is to stop the war caused by the fire nation. {IMDB)

Though this story easter in origion it the show in itself is still considered a wuxia styled show or at the very least has wuxia roots. This demonstrate the far reaches that the wuxia genre has expanded to. The setting of this story is quite normal for any story. Some points of the show do depict a more ancient styled china. Especially the earth nation. The plot of this story is very interesting and is good watch. The animation has gotten good review all around and is considered to be a very good show. On the other hand the live action was a complete bust and has gotten some terrible reviews. The live action movie overall had a negative impact on the series as a whole. (IMDB)


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