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Tales of Gods and Demons Overview

The of Tales of Gods and Demons written by Mad Snail (Yaoshenji), TGD for short, revolves around a character named Nie Lie in his attemp to change the future that he meraculously escaped from. After returning into a younger version of himself he sets his goals high as he attemps to his fate. Slowly, but surely he encounters more and more ennimies and more allies as well.

The setting of this story takes place in a generic wuxia style setting. Mostly involving montains areas that resemble ancient china and in small secluded worlds. Most of the tropes in this story are the mostly the same ones as one would find in most wuxia stlyed novels. Thought the plot is straighforward to a certain extent the story itself is still very captivating and is still a very enjoyable read. This story is a typical example of wuxia in books. The english translation conducted by wuxiaworld is still underway and the original author is still slowly making new chapters for this story.

Althought this is originally a book/web series it was able to get enough of a following to come out with its on manga. The story of the manga is extremly similar to the actual text with minor changes. Both are in my opinion are a choice to read during ones spare time.


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Scene from TGD manga