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I Shall Seal The Heavens Overview

The story of I Shall Seal the Heavens by Ergen, ISSTH for short, centers around a character named Meng Hao as he is abducted into a sect after traveling to a mountain to worry about his failed scholar exam. From then he enters the world of cultivation and slowly begins his adventure to figure out his purpose in life. The world of cultivation is a cruel place and is completly different from his scholarly life he sort of had. {Wuxiaworld)

Though this story is more of a Xianxia novel than anything else it is still apart of the wuxia genre. The setting of this story also mostly involves montains areas that resemble ancient china and in small secluded worlds. Sometimes even in areas off the planet/ Most of the tropes in this story are the mostly the same ones as one would find in most wuxia and xianxia stlyed novels. The plot of this story is quite complex and very hard to predict most of the time. The reader would generally never really know where the story is headed most of the time. This story is a webnovel available online. The english translation conducted by wuxiaworld is still underway and is around 70% translated as the web novel is approx 1612 chapters long. This web novel is an incredible read if one is getting into wuxia/xianxia styled stories.


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